Online Counseling

Get counseling from David, wherever you are.


Whether you're too far from the Life Counseling office, or just too busy to get there, you can still benefit from David Baudoin's wisdom and compassion.

More and more clients are requesting long distance counseling, and with our online or telephone counseling sessions, you can get wisdom wherever you are – and soon!

Now even moms with sleeping babies, husbands working offshore, busy travelers, and distant clients can have access to David's Christ-centered approach, and keep making progress without unnecessary interruptions due to logistics.

And because traffic and logistical problems are not a consideration, you can usually get an appointment with short notice.

Here's how it works: Simply call Life Counseling at 337-704-7550 or email us to request an online or telephone appointment. We'll get you scheduled and David will call you at the appointed time. All you need for an online session is a smart phone or computer with Wi-Fi access for best results. If you'd prefer just a phone call, all you need is your phone. We'll email you a link to pay securely online. It's very simple. 

What are you waiting for? Call now and get the wisdom you need for life's trials and opportunities.