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David Baudoin

David Baudoin

In nearly three decades of pastoring, David Baudoin has walked through thousands of various trials with adults, teens and families, offering guidance and compassion. Known for his wisdom, humor and down-to-earth approach, most clients feel comfortable with David early in the counseling relationship, thus making each session more productive. A licensed minister, David not only possesses biblical knowledge but also the ability to apply it in daily life, offering clients real hope in every situation.

David has been married to Tara for 17 years, has raised a stepdaughter (23), and is parenting two daughters (12 and 13). His personal experience with the blended family dynamic is especially valuable in providing solid, practical marriage and family counseling with compassion. 

In addition to individual counseling, David shares his wisdom at marriage conferences, small group meetings, and speaks in churches on topics ranging from relationships to trusting God during difficult situations.


Life Counseling in Lafayette Rates

Rates are $100 per session. Most sessions last approximately one hour. Cash, local check or credit/debit cards are accepted. 

With reasonable rates, after-hours and video appointments available, there's no reason to delay seeking wisdom. You could begin to improve the course of your life today. 

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