Realistic and compassionate

David Baudoin’s approach to counseling is realistic and compassionate. For more than 15 years I have relied on David’s counsel and direction to get through some difficult trials in my life. He has guided my wife and me through issues that threatened our marriage and played a key role in helping me truly break free from the bondage of alcoholism and other life-controlling issues.  He listens attentively and gets to the heart of an issue quickly, by using God-given gifts of wisdom and insight that never cease to amaze me. With those gifts and his decades of experience, David is able to give straightforward, practical counseling and advice that encourages and empowers me to overcome whatever issues I may be facing.  -Doug

Sympathetic yet honest

David counseled me when my husband and I were at a very dark time in our marriage. We were separated, and I didn't see how we could work through our issues. David showed the perfect balance of being sympathetic to my complaints, while also being very honest with me about my offenses. I didn't feel judged or made to feel that there was something "wrong" with me, but instead was able to see my situation with new eyes. David's counsel was instrumental in saving our marriage. He helped us move past the road blocks and into a place of healing. We are so grateful.  -Holly

Wisdom for finances and life decisions

David’s perspective and God-given wisdom are amazing and his counsel has helped us to navigate tough situations. From business to marriage, he has shared experiences and provided direction that has proven to be exactly what we needed in each season. I am especially grateful for how he helped my wife and me to reassess our priorities, organize a plan to get out of debt, and think through some major life decisions. As a result of David’s godly counsel, we made some wise choices about our finances and ventures and are now debt free and able to invest in areas we’ve always wanted to. David helped us to get on the same page in our marriage and carry out some successful plans together. I highly recommend his counsel to anyone. -Jared

Biblical advice without judgment

I have known David Baudoin since I began attending Crossroads Church in 2000. Throughout the past 17 years I have been blessed to have had access to his counsel and support. I can honestly say that he has walked with my family and me through some of our darkest times, as well as praised God with us through the best. David gives wise, biblical advice without judgement. He speaks truth from such a sincere place and his counsel is always backed by Scripture. As it says in Psalm 37: 30-31 “The godly offer good counsel; they teach right from wrong. They have made God’s law their own, so they will never slip from his path.” I highly recommend the counsel of David Baudoin. -Connie