Life Counseling in Lafayette: SERVICES

Marriage Counseling

Living Single, Premarital and Marriage Counseling

David Baudoin provides practical wisdom and a Christ-centered approach to resolving challenges in marriages. For some practical tips, you can also watch his One-Minute Marriage Counseling© videos here and get started working on your marriage today.

Family, Blended Family, and Relationship Counseling

David's years of experience counseling combined with his personal experience in a blended family allows him to provide compassionate and honest counsel from an inside perspective.

Parenting Advice

Parenting can be tough, but you don't have to wade through difficult seasons alone. David has wisdom, biblical perspective, and 20+ years of experience helping parents to provide effective guidance for their children. He is known for being fair, direct and giving counsel that truly improves the situations for those who put it into practice.

Decision Coaching

Whether you need to decide on a major, make a career change, consider a move or another life decision, David can help you weigh all your options reasonably, without being blinded by irrational fears or emotions. 

Matters of Faith

A Christ-follower since the age of 8, David has pursued God through the Scriptures and can help you find answers to your honest questions about faith, too, without judgment or condemnation.

Financial Counseling

David is a certified Master Financial Coach, and helps clients to reduce stress in their lives through better money management principles and disciplines, like budgeting, getting out of debt, choosing insurance and planning for the future. David does not sell insurance or securities; his guidance is neutral and aims to improve quality of relationships and life by overcoming poor financial practices and removing common misconceptions.


Video conference counseling sessions are available when appropriate. If it's impossible for you to be here in person, call and ask about scheduling your live phone or video counseling session with David.

Sessions are $85 and last approximately an hour.